Back-to-back accreditation seeks for improvement


To examine the progress from previous accreditations, Adventist Accrediting Association (AAA) and Association of Christian Schools Colleges and Universities- Accrediting Council Inc. (ACSCU-ACI) consecutively evaluated the Lipa Adventist Academy (LAA) this school year 2019-2020.

AAA, headed by Southern Asia- Pacific Division Associate Education Director Dr. Canadian Panjaitan together with North Philippine Union Conference (NPUC) Education Director Pastor Nelson Castillo, NPUC Associate Director Dr. Mary Jane Zabat, Adventist University of the Philippines (AUPA) Librarian Maricel Mostasa, South Central Luzon Conference (SCLC) Associate to the Superintendent Ms. Agnes Ravalo, Tirad View Academy Principal Avelino Gadiano, Central Luzon Adventist Academy (CLAA) Treasurer Jessie Prieto and SCLC Education Superintendent Mr. Bienvenido Sagnoy visited the school, August 18-20. After a month, September 16-20, ACSCU-ACI visited with accreditors Mr. Leonardo P. Recosana, Mr. Bernardino S. Tandang, Ms. Mona Grace G. Garcia, and Mr. Paul William Concha. AAA and ACSCU-ACI accreditors assessed both students and teachers. They had observed how students and teachers behave inside the classroom throughout regular classes and even during vacant times. Furthermore, ac-creditors examined the school’s ancillary facilities like the dormitories, the cafeteria and the classrooms. In an interview, LAA Principal Mrs. Susan An stated that the main purpose of the accreditation is to “see the progress” in academics and holistic performances of the school. “We make sure that we are achieving our mission and vision of the school,” Mrs. An said. Evaluation occurs every three to five years with AAA depending on the result of the preceding accreditation while ACSCUACI depends on the level status granted in the school.