It was the shutters, the bits, the flecks of muted light that ushered Lipa Adventist Academy’s (LAA) 33 journalists to that crisp belief that triumph is just an inch away at the Division Schools Press Conference (DSPC) Individual Category, Collaborative Desktop Publishing, and Radio Broadcasting this School Year (SY) 2019-2020

LAA takes pride on Khristine Dimayuga who won 1st Place in Sport Writing – English Category, Sports Writing – Filipino 2nd Placer Eline Linatoc, and Editorial Writing – English 2nd Placer Gabriel Vargas, who will all move on to Regional Schools Press Conference; in addition, Myko Fadriquela won 7th place in Editorial Cartooning – Filipino. Acknowledging the mercy of God and the undying support and effort of school paper adviser, Ms. Mae Linda Juarez, who even exclaimed with hopeful eyes, “Bring home the beef, journalists!” Further so, in the individual categories, starting with the editorial writing held at Edilberto L. Mendoza Memorial Elementary School, Meraiah Arago (Grade 8), Jessa Bondad (Grade 11), and Gabriel Vargas (Grade 11) gave their best outputs. Grade 11 news writers Shea Tendan and Kwen Fabon, with accurate facts and leads, showed off with their talents at Don Leon Dolor Memorial Elementary School. With uniquely crafted features, Grade 11 students Yvon de Guzman, Reign Asistin, Rhancesca Dela Cruz, and Grade 8 Luisa Dela Pena, our feature writers, presented the school well. In Sports Writing, Grade 10 students Kristina Mangilit (Grade 9), Loren Celestino (Grade 9), Eline Linatoc (Grade 10), and Khristine Dimayuga (Grade 12), did their bests at The Mabini Academy (TMA). At the same institution, Grade 11 students Beatrice de Asis, Ammiel Fadriquela, and Grade 10 Kissen Vitto presented their finest shots with on-point angles. Still at TMA, copy readers Kurt Bathan (Grade 12), Cielo Dimayuga (Grade 10), and Nevin Oabel (Grade 12), showed their critique and sharpness in correcting errors. With blessed hands and minds, editorial cartoonists Myko Fadriquela (Grade 12) and Rommel Capole (Grade 8) presented their best artworks at San Jose Integrated School. Radio Broadcasting Adviser, Mrs. Florentina Venida, with much prayer and high hopes exclaimed, “It is my pride if they will win the competition,” hoping no less than bagging awards, with the results of the collab and broadcasting still in process. “Joining the broadcasting is just overwhelming and invigorating since news casting is also my first dream,” she added. At last, the distance of triumph is measurable; stakes are high but the shutters are now visibly open, the bits molded into pieces, and flecks of light have enthralled the eyes of these ascending journalists into endless triumphs, as long as God’s mercy abounds.